OBT Gel Ice Pack (1-Pack)


Get back to ruling with the Old Bones Therapy reusable gel ice pack.

  • LARGE SIZE: 1 pound of gel in a 9"x8" form factor.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use for ICE or HEAT therapy.
  • DURABLE: Made from high strength nylon-poly film.
  • REUSABLE: Can be used hundreds of times.
  • FLEXIBLE: Designed to stay soft and pliable while allowing you to wrap around injuries.
  • FDA REGISTERED: Gel is non-toxic and made with food grade materials.
  • USAGE: Applying an ice pack after injury helps reduce inflammation, decreases swelling and aids in faster recovery times.

Trusted by skateboarders, bike-lifers, rollerskaters, snowboarders, and all kinds of other busted athletes.

Come RULE with us.

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