Bundle: Both Wrists

$45 $50

Save money on Old Bones Therapy best selling compression WRIST sleeves by purchasing a set of 2.

Bundle Includes:

- 2 Wrist Sleeves (Left & Right)

KNITTED COMPRESSION - Maximum Compression and Stretch.

SILICON GEL PADDING - Added silicon gel protection in the palm area.

LEATHER PALM PADS - Leather palms to help protect on those falls.

MEDICAL GRADE COMPRESSION - Increases circulation, muscle endurance and promotes faster recovery times.

HIGHLY ELASTIC - Conforms to the shape of your wrist providing maximum support and flexibility.

BREATHABLE KNITTED FABRIC - Made from lightweight, comfortable, non-neoprene, washable fabrics.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Here at Old Bones Therapy, we're obsessed with Customer Happiness. If you're not happy with anything, we will make it right.

SIZING GUIDE - Measure around wrist.

7" and below
7" and up


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