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Old Bones Therapy

OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve (2-Pack)

OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve (2-Pack)

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(Circumference in Inches):

  • Small: 12''-14''
  • Medium: 14''-16''
  • Large: 16''-18''
  • X-large: 18''-20''

IMPORTANT: The OBT Gel 360 is highly elastic, so sizing may depend on how much compression is wanted.



Super soft nylon/spandex blend covering over soothing ice or heat gel.

Care Instructions

Knitted Compression Sleeves:
* Hand or Machine Wash
* Hang Dry

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Save 10% by purchasing the OBT Gel 360 sleeves as a 2-pack bundle.

360 degrees of ICE or HEAT therapy.

  • 360 DEGREE COVERAGE: Flexible 360 degree gel sleeve coverage.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Use for ICE or HEAT therapy. Freezer and microwave safe.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Provides 20 minutes of heat/cold therapy without the risk of burns or damage to skin.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Conforms to your body and comfortably fits on: Arms, Legs, Knees, Elbows, Thighs, Calfs, Ankles and Wrists.

Slip into the OBT Gel 360 and get back to ruling at life!

Sizing (Circumference in Inches):

  • Small: 12''-14''
  • Medium: 14''-16''
  • Large: 16''-18''
  • X-large: 18''-20''

IMPORTANT: The OBT Gel 360 is highly elastic, so sizing may depend on how much compression is wanted.

Meet OBT Gel 360

OBT Gel 360: Ice Sleeves

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OBT Gel 360 Sleeve?

The OBT Gel 360 Sleeve is a revolutionary gel compression sleeve that provides cold and/or heat therapy, providing relief and recovery for your aching muscles and joints. It provides 360 degrees of compression therapy and 100% coverage of the treatment area. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate multiple areas of arms, elbows, ankles and legs.

Can I heat in the microwave?

Yes, it is recommended to heat for no longer than 45 seconds. For additional heat, reheat in microwave in 10 second increments. Microwave ovens vary in wattage so it's recommended to slowly heat to desired temperatore before putting directly on skin.

How long does it take to get cold?

Toss the gel sleeve in your freezer and wait for 2 hours so that it has a chance to reach it's coldest temperature.

Should I keep the gel sleeve in the plastic bag?

Yes, we recommend you keep the OBT Gel Sleeve in it's plastic bag when storing in freezer. Please remove from plastic bag before heating in the microwave. The bag ensures the gel stays fresh and soft for longer. Any ziploc freezer bag can be used in the case your bag breaks.

What size should I buy?

We offer 4 sizes of OBT Gel 360 Sleeves. Generally the smaller sleeves are for use on your arms and the larger sleeves work for legs. Please refer to our sizing guide above and measure the body part you'd like to use the sleeve on.

How do I exchange for another size?

You can exchange or return within 60 days of purchase. Just visit our Return & Exchanges Portal.


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    We’ll send you a new one up to 365 days from your purchase.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
abbramps & a137videocollection (Adam Wheeldon)
OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve

These are excellent and help with recovery after +2hrs of skateboarding.
Knees feel fresher and ready for the next session.

The Vhaidra Saga Author, Nicholas Stanosheck
Fits great, cools perfectly

Perfectly snug sleeves that put cold (or heat) exactly where it needs to go!

Miraculous (to me)

I had my elbow joint replaced due to an accident a few years back and I still have to ice it down after I use it too much.. it’s always been a pain because drug store ice packs get way too cold.. this compression sleeve is perfect: it isn’t skin numbing, it lasts a long time, and the compression just plain feels good. It’s not too tight or loose, and doesn’t move around or cut off circulation (make sure you actually measure; if you just guess on a size you’ll probably be wrong). The sleeve doesn’t stretch - it’ll shrink back to the original size after you take it off. Seems durable but I would probably wrap it with an elastic bandage if I wore it while being active outside. Ended up grabbing another for my good elbow. Definitely worth the price, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

Louis Statman
Take my money…please!

As a member of the USA Slalom Tean I can always use a little support and I have absolutely loved everything I’ve purchased from Old Bones the knee support is awesome and everyone should try the insoles but the hot/cold knee sleeves are just Ruling! Order today, no I’m serious.

Jordan Nield
OBT Gle 360 Cold & Hot Compression sleeve

Just putting this on feels nice with the tightness, the stretch, & the weight. Then add heat or freeze it to help any pain or swelling. It's great! it fits my arms & my calfs + knees. I definitely recommend this to everyone!