back braces for scoliosis old bones therapy

Back Braces for Scoliosis: Do they really work?

Scoliosis in adults is more common than you think.

It affects 6-9 million people in our country.

What is Scoliosis of the Spine?

This refers to the condition wherein the backbone (or spine) curves sideways.

It is most common just before puberty.

Conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy can contribute to scoliosis.

However, the exact cause of scoliosis is not yet known.

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Scoliosis types include Congenital scoliosis, early onset scoliosis, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, adult degenerative scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis, syndromic scoliosis, and Scheuermann's kyphosis.

Scoliosis pain can be difficult to handle at times.

That is why it is important to address this condition before it becomes unmanageable.

Exercises for scoliosis can be of great help.

In general, scoliosis treatment involves observation, bracing and/or surgery.

Check with your doctor to see where you stand with this condition and whether or not you need surgery for scoliosis.

back braces for scoliosis old bones therapy

Do back braces help scoliosis and correct posture?

Can back braces be of help for a person dealing with scoliosis?

Scoliosis surgery can be painful, and of course, expensive.

Doctors have been recommending bracing for over five decades.

But there have always been doubts about that.

A new research suggests that wearing back braces can reduce the growth of scoliosis.

The study published in The New England Journal of Medicine presents a fresh perspective on scoliosis symptoms and using back braces for scoliosis.

The researchers analyzed 242 scoliosis patients.

They randomly assigned 116 of them for bracing or observation.

And the remaining 126 chose between bracing and observation.

The bracing group had to wear scoliosis braces for a minimum of 18 hours a day.

back braces for scoliosis old bones therapy

So what happened next?

Researchers concluded a 72% success rate for bracing as against 48% for observation.

They found that back braces for scoliosis decreased the growth of high-risk curves to the threshold for surgery in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

They also found that the benefits of bracing was directly proportional to the number of hours patients wore the back braces.

Lumbar compression braces, therefore, can help you deal with scoliosis.

With Old Bones Therapy back braces for scoliosis, you will not have to em-brace scoliosis.

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