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Ice Sleeve (2-Pack)
Work as advertised

I am happy with the knee sleeves. They work as advertised and fit according to the measurement advise listed. They don't stay cold super long but, there is two in the pack. Kinda bummed they didn't send the free hat though.

Ice Sleeve (2-Pack)
Pat Singlehurst
Ice sleeves

On the surface the sleeves seem to be a great idea. They feel awesome for the first 5 to 7 minutes but after that they thaw out. I have two so I can swap it out to get a solid 15 minutes of icing.

Feets won’t fail me now

I have had flat feet my whole life… I used to get away with it for years, but wearing doc martins and vans my whole life, didn’t help me one bit. At 54 now, I can’t pretend they don’t bother me anymore. After trying various inserts, it wasn’t until finding Old Bones Therapy shock absorbing foot insoles have my feet had relief… I have been so stoked on the products I have discovered at Old Bones


Like usual your products are amazing. Thank you for all you do.


Exactly the support I needed while healing.


I actually use mine to do roof work I install solar panels


Best compression socks. They make a big difference

Compression Knee Sleeve
Paul McWilliams
Good stuff

Was hesitant at first but now I won’t skate without the knee sleeve

Bees Knees

These things are awesome!

Old Bones Therapy Sticker
Samuel Ellenbogen

Huge. Exceeded expectations

Been looking for these..and they found me

Call it target marketing, but man am I glad they found me. Every year that passes, I still doing the same shit I have always done. Feel young on the inside, look young on the outside, but my bones, muscles like to tell me different. Old Bones did it right. Design, quality and look… happy to wear their gear, not look like an old man and helps me from slowing down

Love it

Love it. Healthy knees is best knees

Exactly what I needed

The socks perform as advertised and beyond. When worn daily, my legs and feet have no issues and feel lighter and pain free.

Ice Sleeve
Lynn Kramer
Knee pajamas

These ice sleeves are amazing. I abuse my knees skating, then before bed I put on the ice sleeve. It’s instant relief. I usually leave them on for a few hours or just fall aslee in them because even after the cold wears off, they are just comfortable like a hug for my knees. I wake up ready to go again.

Great product

Exactly what I needed.

On The Right Track

Ordered a pair of ankle compression sleeves and they arrived quickly. Unfortunately only one ankle sleeve made it into the shipment. After contacting customer service about the oversight a new shipment with two ankle sleeves and a pair of compression socks was sent my way.

The customer service at Old Bones is aces and the product is amazing. I play disc golf and have had some nasty twisted ankles. Wearing the ankle compression sleeves and socks relieves my body of aches and pain so I can focus my attention on playing a full round pain free. Highly recommend this product to anyone.

Works like magic!

Been using Old Bones Therapy sleeves for years. I was looking for something that would help with knee pain after running or skating, and heard this was worth the hype. I have to agree. Applying post activity gives you hours of relief. Even the next day, pain is relieved. Highly recommend!


I've been skateboarding since I was 12 years old and I am currently 35. I'm pretty obsessive about everything that goes in to my skating, what I mean specifically is, my grip tape has to be black (no graphic cut out, no logos, just clean.) I have to wear black & white half cab Vans. No variation in board size and everything always consistent in size. Over the years I have simply just found what I like most and what feels best and I stick with it. When I first put on my Old Bones Compression Knee Sleeves, I hated them. They were unfamiliar and made everything feel different but I decided to just keep them on and since I was just skating alone and not really working on anything in particular; I figured whatever. Once I finished my session, I took them off and jumped on my board to skate back to my car and HOLY $H!T!!! I instantly could tell how much support I had when I was wearing the knee sleeves. It blew me away. So now, every time I skate, the knee sleeves are apart of my new and improved routine. I've recommended them to multiple friends and they all really enjoy the product. I'm really glad, against all odds, that I tried them out. Totally worth it!


Have bursitis in an elbow and quite swollen and painful- making even my weekend bike rides a challenge. My doctor advised the usual - ice, NSAIDS, and rest - in addition to a compression sleeve. Well, I gave Old Bones a try and wear the sleeve on my problem elbow whenever I’m active and must say, it works like a charm. Good support, keeps the elbow warm and decreases the pain. I will be buying a knee sleeve soon for my arthritic knee. Keep on pedaling dudes!

Perfect - highly recommend

I waited a couple months before reviewing, to get a chance to wear them and wash them several times. The socks fit really well, snug but not tight (size 13 shoe and huge calves!) They stay up all day without getting irritating and really help my legs feel good. Added bonus, they look super rad!

Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles
Samuel Ellenbogen
Looks cool too

Had been purchasing insoles from Walmart or using Vans ultracush HD. Have tried a variety of insoles over the years really. Nothing compares to the old bones insole for skating. $40 higher than most, but well worth it. I bought 4 already, cause you know we gots extra shoes too.


Best compression socks I've ever owned and worn. I suffer from adult congenital heart disease and as a result have poor circulation to the lower half of my body. With standing and being on my feet for a majority of the day, these socks provide so much relief and overall comfort. I've worn many other brands of compression socks, these are the best, it's not even close.

Great product and great service

Great product and great customer service! I’ve experienced a rip in two different socks, they have replaced both in a timely manner, responded timely, and shipped timely. Great people. Thank you so much old bones!

Compression Knee Sleeve

Compression Shin Sleeves (2-Pack)
Adriana Collado Hudak
Good stuff!

Great compression and excellent protection from pedal strikes and scratches. Recommend!!