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Old Bones is my go too for compression socks

I forget that I'm even wearing my Old Bones socks throughout the day. The best part is that they do exactly what they're supposed to do, and I don't look like a geriatric patient. I have one question: when is Old Bones bringing back the retro white with black and yellow stripes?

Cute and functional

I love tube socks but I wanted some compression in them for when I do my Irish dance practice, which is very hard on the legs. They’re extremely comfortable and the perfect amount of cushion but not too much bulk for wearing with dance shoes. I got the size small but probably could have gotten an XS for more compression. This is a great company and I will order again in the future. More colors please if possible!

Skydiving in my Old Bones

Old bones are the best protection for my Old Bones. I have the knee wraps and the compression socks, which are freaking awesome. No pic of me jumping in those yet but soon will be. Thank You Old Bones

Beyond athletic activities

Bottom line, I wear my old bones compression knee sleeve almost every hour of the day. A few months ago, I partially tore my PCL in both knees. Wearing my knee sleeves has become a required part of my daily clothing. I even wear them when I sleep to reduce pain. I had no idea how beneficial these would be when I first put them on. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this product has allowed me to skate and be athletic, when I would hardly be able to walk without them. I can't thank old bones enough

Doubles as an Accessory!

I’m rehabbing an old dance injury that got aggravated when I started increasing my run distance. I was really scared that I might not be able to run or dance again! So far running is still off the table, but dancing with this sleeve is a GO. I get compliments on it all the time (and specially because it currently matches my hair color 😆).

Compression Knee Sleeves

I love these sleeves! Not only do they provide extra support/stability, they provide extra comfort under my kneepads. Easy to wash in-between sessions help keep the knee pads from getting funky.

Almost perfect.

Due to my arthritis in my knees I wear these compression sleeves every day. They work. They work VERY well. I mostly go on about my day as usual. This includes lots of ladders and stairs. I provide maintenance at a mid sized university so let's just say I have an active job. To cut to the chase, yes, these knee sleeves slip. They slip less new, but especially after a few months. And especially if I get hot and sweaty. Below the knee they stay put rather well. That's an adjustment I rarely need to make. I think they need a few more silicone strips between the top edge and the knee. The elastic still gives out after about 6 months but not having to pull them up several times a day would probably help with that. They really are an awesome product. Just need a little design tweak.


After being hit by a car while bicycling the Lower 48 States which really hurt. I tried generic compression sleeves that just didnt help the way I needed or give me the protection I wanted. My buddy told me about Old Bones and Im so glad! I now where these not just when Im riding I use them daily for life. I use the knee sleeves for both knees. I also have the hinged sleeve for one knee when I know its going to be a busy day. Recently I started using the shin sleeve to test as a pad for toptube bicycle surfing. ITS BEEN A GAME CHANGER! My recent purchase was for the insoles and that gave my feet new life and they have much more protection then my original soles. At this point I know whatever I get from Old Bones Therapy will be what I need to keep pushing my limits!

Compression Knee Sleeve (Both Knees)
Monique Baldwin @livinglovedcoach
Comfort and Support!

OBT compression knee sleeves are Invaluable when riding my bike “in circles”… flatland is a new sport for me & I need extra love on my legs so the bike doesn’t snap back at me… these knee pads have protected my knees from most twists and bangs! Love ‘em! 💗

OLD AF Hat (Black)
Chris Carlson

Love it

Life changing!

...Old Bones advertises "reduced recovery time's... My knees do not even need recovery time anymore. I am beyond thrilled with this product🎉

Tore my left ACL/Meniscus and these have seriously helped!

Had my surgery today finally (after 5 months of dealing with getting Medicaid approval). Tried a bunch of different sleeves and these are the best. Cool colors but even better quality. Great compression while comfortable to wear. Awesome support around the kneecap. They stay much cooler on my skin than others I’ve tried as well, I guess cause of the stitching they do. Wore them for the last month or so while awaiting surgery. Excited to have them on standby for my healing process. I’m 6’2, 290lbs and got the XL and they fit great. I haven’t skated in many years but feels good wearing something that reminds me of my roots.

Just wow!

I broke both femurs and ever since I had the surgery I have suffered a lot of knee pain. My right knee has suffered the most. I tried other knee sleeves and nada. I took a chance on Old Bones and I have not regretted it at all. I feel I need a little bit more support so my next purchase will be the knee sleeve with the hinges.

I love your products

Best product on the market.

Amazing Insoles

I'm a mailman and walk roughly 20k steps a day, these insoles are a game changer only worn them for two days and my feet are already thanking me, i also wear the knee braces from old bones and i recommend those also.

OMG, The BEST for really, old, bones!!!

I'm a 65 year old rollerskater and my knee screamed at me right before the holidays. Had an old, big brace from the drug store, very uncomfortable, so researched others and found these. Wasn't sure how supportive it would be but ordered the knee sleeve in pink. As soon as I put it on, I was back on my skates! Ordered another one for my other knee (they ARE the same age, after, since it was also a bit iffy lately. Thank you for keeping this old-er skater on her wheels, happy and active for as long as possible!!! Oh, and Brandon is excellent!!

So. Good.

Long-term review of the shin sleeves…LOVE THEM. Next to forward elbow pad, they are now my most important piece of skate gear. I (usually) wear them without the shin inserts. They are still thick enough to prevent my shins from getting chewed-up/scrapped/etc from board hits. 30+ years of skating and my shins are toast, and the skin down there (what’s left of it / mostly scar tissue at this point) doesn’t heal-up as fast as it used, and is a lot easier cut open. Wearing the shin-sleeves under socks has been a god-send. They are super low-profile, too, which is great. The compression aspect of them is also awesome. Old Bones Therapy I can’t thank you enough for making these, and I can’t recommend these more highly to anyone looking for some shin protection.

I’ve have both OBT shin sleeves (no shin insert) and OBT knee gasket/sleeves on in this pic, so can see how low-profile they are.


The Old Bones decal is completely bad ass .
🔥🔥🔥 👍❗️

Life saver!

These are the best investment to keep you going in the sport you love! I’m 55 and have slightly trashed knees from a lifetime of relatively extreme sports. These knee pads are enabling me to still shred MTB trails with zero pain!

Thank you Old Bones! - Diane

Rock star!

This sleeve is a rock star. I'm having an issue with a tendon in my left elbow. When it flares up, I can't make a fist or lift anything with my arm because it feels like my elbow is going to explode.
My chiropractor says I need to do some exercises and let it heal. In the meantime, I slip on this bad boy and within 5 - 10 minutes, hardly any pain and I can fully use my hand. Yet another amazing product from OBT!

Um holy s***

I’ve been having some sciatic pain and compression socks make a big difference. I’ve been trying a bunch of different brands (cvs, target, Pacas) and if they don’t completely strangle my legs, they’re a struggle to put on. These felt like putting regular socks on! They look cool, don’t cut off my circulation and feel awesome! I wish I knew about these sooner. Definitely gonna grab more come my next paycheck.

Old bones and new titanium.

I’ve been taking it about a week now, while adjusting to new meds to help with my rebuilt chassis. So far, so good and time and consistency will be the true measure of success. Hopefully Old Bones products, after market parts and perseverance will play nicely together. Maybe an Old Bones t-shirt will look cool when I’m back behind my drums and rocking out! 2XL in a dark black. Forever a client, The REAL Smitty.

Keeps me skating

Such a great product. I would not be able to skateboard or snowboard everyday without these compression sleeves. Thank you!


I actually use mine to do roof work I install solar panels

Ice Sleeve
Best relief ever

This is the best leave I've ever got. You can put it in the freezer or put it in the microwave. Hot or cold your elbow part of your arm all good.