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Safari in South Africa

I wore my Compression Knee Brace W/hinges for 10 straight days while on Safari.

The knee brace was as awesome and worked as advertised. Little to no knee pain while walking for miles over ruff terrain

Love them

Most comfy ones I’ve found. Bought a bunch more. Keeps my feet from swelling. A blessing for truck drivers.

It’s good… and

It’s good. I wish it stayed cold a little longer. Stays really cold just under ten minutes, by twenty it’s just cool. It helps & does what it’s supposed to. On tougher days need something more robust.

Great compression sleeve

I love this product. Just bought a second one. Fits my elbow perfectly but also works great for icing my feet.

Wrong Item

I love your knee braces for under my pads. I ordered a Spring Brace to try but received a sleeve. I don't want to give a negative review in any way. I'm contacting customer support with the hope of exchanging.

Bundle: Joint Care Supplement 3-Pack
The Vhaidra Saga Author, Nicholas Stanosheck
Helps Me Heal!

I have noticed a definite improvement in my healing since taking these again. Highly recommended!

OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve
The Vhaidra Saga Author, Nicholas Stanosheck
Compression and Cold Keeps the Swelling Down!

I love these. I am healing from a broken ankle and now that I can walk with a cane, these help comfort by ankle and keeps the swelling down!

Excellent braces

Have had several brands and quantities of knee sleeves, and these are by far the best I've had. Plenty of compression while the fabric is still comfortable and breathable. Have worn them for long periods of time during varying levels of activity and am very happy with them. Moderate support from the springs for my light activities.

Compression Knee Brace
timothy glass
Knee gaskets and supplements

These products rock! My ice wraps are still kill'n it to date. Thanks again for the quality of life I get too keep. Rule on!!!

R stomach distressI think there is some benefit but I also experiencedc

Might be helping with arthritis pain
Might also be hurting stomach
Not sure

So far so good

My son does martial arts and is in the middle of growing spurts. Seems to be helping him. Thank you

Very Effective!

I have injuries here and there that just require some ice and rest. Recently I’ve been dealing with an overextended knee and it’s difficult to get an ice pack in the right place and keep in there. With these compression ice packs it’s easy! I can put it and apply ice to the whole knee without having to try to keep an ice pack in place. It’s made a HUGE difference for me and I feel like my knee is actually ready to skate the next day.

Good fit

I needed a golfing backup brace and it worked pretty well, but not quite enough support as my current brace so will be using it for yard work instead.


Helps stabilize the lateral movements in my bad knee


I couldn’t be more pleased with the Old bones company and I love the braces. I now skate with them daily just in case. They also feel good on. Love em and love old bones therapy


I purchased the ankle sleeves and they are amazing!! Being 53 and still riding the skateparks with my boys they are a crucial part of my gear.

Cater_skater x Food In Motion Catering

Just because my body is well past its prime (44) doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing what I love. After years of slamming into concrete and working long hours in a kitchen standing all day my body gives me constant reminders that I’m no longer an teenager.

As my whole body struggles to keep up with my unrealistic expectations, injuries have cropped up, leading to multiple rolled ankles, and most recently, a nagging knee issue that I’ve yet to actually get diagnosed by a doctor. Instead, I’ve turned to the best quick fix I could find: Old Bones Therapy’s compression knee brace!!!

Extend the life of your sessions

I started wearing OBT knee sleeves over a year ago, bought a second pair because I use them almost every day whether for skating or running. I love the secure fit, knowing the sleeves are keeping everything where it should be. I have little to no knee pain now, but still wear them. I definitely notice a difference; I can skate 2-3 hours wearing them before feeling fatigued. If I don’t, maybe an hour and a half, tops. Definitely keeps me going!

Instant relief

Instant relief. I need to be icing my elbows more, but I find that I get busy and run out of time. Having these ready to go in the freezer has made it so much easier to ice up. I put one on before my commute to work and tops it back in the freezer when I get there. Brilliant product.

Little too big

Probably need to get a large instead of xlarge.

Bundle: Pain Cream 3-Pack
Hendrix Muhammad
pain relief

It works and penetrate well through

Mom loves them!

My mom's doctor told her that if these knee braces are working for her she doesn't need surgery. and they have been working for her. She wears them everyday.

Fits great and Material is awesome!

Love the shirt and I’m glad I picked it up! #keepruling

Compression Knee Brace (Both Knees)
Aaron Urban Renewal Skateboards
Compression knee braces

These sleeves/braces are amazing. I've been wearing one on my right knee for just about 2 weeks now, not just skating, but always. I landed funny and tweaked my knee pretty bad about a month ago. Yesterday I walked around without it and my knee feels great, I'll be wearing one on both knees while skating from now on. They stay put, add a ton of support, are extremely comfortable, and the padding around the kneecap is a much appreciated added touch. My next purchase will be the ankle sleeves. Old Bones has what it takes to keep my 48 year old bones rolling and I'm all about it. These aren't your everyday braces, definitely designed for those of us who put a beating on our bodies!