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OBT Compression Socks (3-Pack)

They work as advertised!

Changed my game of skate. Love these insoles. What a blessing. I even wear them to work. Highly recommend.

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Grant Freeborn
You guys are the absolute best love riding for such and rad team

Love you guys !! Old bones for life !👊✌️🛹🛹🛹

Shoulder Ice Wrap
Chris Prater
Another great product

Wrecked my bike jumping and trashed my AC joint . I immediately came here knowing they had a shoulder wrap and with no surprise it was quality . Having one for heat and one for ice is nice . Pretty comfortable considering what it is and being wrapped around you . Very good job once again old bones . I now have shin , ankle , knee , elbow , wrist , shoulder and socks lmao .. I believe back and foot insoles are the only 2 things I haven’t tried yet . This shoulder wrap also gives u the support you need while healing or after . These guys have been absolutely great 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

What a great product

Perfect fit. They feel great they perform great I couldn’t ask for a better product to help my knees while snowboarding

Old bones back to life

These work great! Have more energy skating, and the added shin protection is awesome.


Best knee sleeves I have tried in all my years of skateboarding.

A less painful step in the right direction

I've avoided knee braces at all costs for over a decade now because of not previously finding them helpful. I can easily say my compression knee braces have been a relief to feel capable of more extended active time again. I also appreciate that even after wearing a brace all day, my leg is not covered in sweat or heat rash. The materials are clearly made for activity and made to last.


I should’ve bought two…Wearing my knee sleeve with springs while snowboarding kept my knee compressed and feeling great all day! Kept my old ACL injury feeling stable! No kneed (need) for massive amounts of ibuprofen after a day ripping with my 12 year old son!! Thanks again!! #Kneesleeveme

Run Small

Nice design, great material. I ordered an XL (my normal size) to small. Got an XXL still too small. I guess these are not made for me. 6' 225 athletic build. I will say the quality of build and material is stellar. Kept it figuring someone in my house may wear it.

Trucker dude

As a 46 year old trucker dude these things are great! Perfect fit look awsome and great quality!
**alot of truckers need these please push towerds the trucking community!

Thank you for this product

Compression socks 101

I work 12-16 hours a day & the support the socks give me is unbelievable
The best I have ever bought
Easy to put on & take off
Buy them you wont regret it

Compression Knee Brace

Love my oldbones knee braces!!!!

I ride a SE Monster Quad a lot and always wear my old bones brace when I ride for the last 2 1/2 years … it was just time for a new pair! They are incredible and keep me in better shape !!!

Helps stabilize

Used the brace on my injured knee to ween myself off the hinge brace once crutches were no longer needed.

Hinged brace

Life saver for old knees

Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles

Compression Knee Brace
Must have

I wear mine almost everyday before and after riding they are something I can not go without

They work for me kinda

I feel these would be perfect if they roll down so much. I spend more time trying to adjust them than actually wearing them

Knee Braces

Very well fitted. May have ordered one size smaller for tighter fit. But excellent!

Never realized what I was missing

Great product !!

Love it !

OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve (2-Pack)
abbramps & a137videocollection (Adam Wheeldon)
OBT Gel 360: Cold + Hot Compression Sleeve

These are excellent and help with recovery after +2hrs of skateboarding.
Knees feel fresher and ready for the next session.

Jiu jitsu knee sleeves

I measured 20" circumference starting 4" above the very top of my knee and got the XL . Sizing fits perfect. I tried a different brand with straps and they were too constricting . The springs help stabilize my knee and keep the brace from bunching up. Full mobility is maintained even when my heel is touching my butt there is no discomfort on the back of my knee unlike other styles of compression sleeves. The knee cushion is great to have as well and helps keep the knee brace where it's supposed to be. I will definitely be getting another set once these become worn. Pair the sleeves with the pain cream and you are golden, leg locks for days ! Perfect for no gi! Make sure you have enough space in your gi pants otherwise they will choke your knees !


I could feel a difference right away!!! Love these insoles!