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Amazing Insoles

I'm a mailman and walk roughly 20k steps a day, these insoles are a game changer only worn them for two days and my feet are already thanking me, i also wear the knee braces from old bones and i recommend those also.

OMG, The BEST for really, old, bones!!!

I'm a 65 year old rollerskater and my knee screamed at me right before the holidays. Had an old, big brace from the drug store, very uncomfortable, so researched others and found these. Wasn't sure how supportive it would be but ordered the knee sleeve in pink. As soon as I put it on, I was back on my skates! Ordered another one for my other knee (they ARE the same age, after, since it was also a bit iffy lately. Thank you for keeping this old-er skater on her wheels, happy and active for as long as possible!!! Oh, and Brandon is excellent!!

So. Good.

Long-term review of the shin sleeves…LOVE THEM. Next to forward elbow pad, they are now my most important piece of skate gear. I (usually) wear them without the shin inserts. They are still thick enough to prevent my shins from getting chewed-up/scrapped/etc from board hits. 30+ years of skating and my shins are toast, and the skin down there (what’s left of it / mostly scar tissue at this point) doesn’t heal-up as fast as it used, and is a lot easier cut open. Wearing the shin-sleeves under socks has been a god-send. They are super low-profile, too, which is great. The compression aspect of them is also awesome. Old Bones Therapy I can’t thank you enough for making these, and I can’t recommend these more highly to anyone looking for some shin protection.

I’ve have both OBT shin sleeves (no shin insert) and OBT knee gasket/sleeves on in this pic, so can see how low-profile they are.


The Old Bones decal is completely bad ass .
🔥🔥🔥 👍❗️

Life saver!

These are the best investment to keep you going in the sport you love! I’m 55 and have slightly trashed knees from a lifetime of relatively extreme sports. These knee pads are enabling me to still shred MTB trails with zero pain!

Thank you Old Bones! - Diane

Rock star!

This sleeve is a rock star. I'm having an issue with a tendon in my left elbow. When it flares up, I can't make a fist or lift anything with my arm because it feels like my elbow is going to explode.
My chiropractor says I need to do some exercises and let it heal. In the meantime, I slip on this bad boy and within 5 - 10 minutes, hardly any pain and I can fully use my hand. Yet another amazing product from OBT!

Um holy s***

I’ve been having some sciatic pain and compression socks make a big difference. I’ve been trying a bunch of different brands (cvs, target, Pacas) and if they don’t completely strangle my legs, they’re a struggle to put on. These felt like putting regular socks on! They look cool, don’t cut off my circulation and feel awesome! I wish I knew about these sooner. Definitely gonna grab more come my next paycheck.

Old bones and new titanium.

I’ve been taking it about a week now, while adjusting to new meds to help with my rebuilt chassis. So far, so good and time and consistency will be the true measure of success. Hopefully Old Bones products, after market parts and perseverance will play nicely together. Maybe an Old Bones t-shirt will look cool when I’m back behind my drums and rocking out! 2XL in a dark black. Forever a client, The REAL Smitty.

Keeps me skating

Such a great product. I would not be able to skateboard or snowboard everyday without these compression sleeves. Thank you!


I actually use mine to do roof work I install solar panels

Ice Sleeve
Best relief ever

This is the best leave I've ever got. You can put it in the freezer or put it in the microwave. Hot or cold your elbow part of your arm all good.


I keep coming back and ordering more and more and more!! The supplements, the pain cream, the recovery, the compression, and the braces, oh my!! I’m quickly approaching 42 years old and I’m so thankful to be able to keep skating!!

Compression knee sleeves

I got these knee sleeves on the strong recommendation from a friend who is an older body builder and is an avid user of your products. My intent was to use them for hiking mountains in NH especially the descent. I have used them one time and was extremely happy with the product. They didn’t bunch up behind the knee and rub it raw. They stayed in place and held my knee nice and tight but not too tight. I was able to wear them for 5 miles and feel great afterwards.

Boot Camp work out

Wear the elbow sleeve during and after gym 5-6 days a week. Helping me through broken elbow! And the wrist braces got me through cracks in both wrists! I'm 60 y/o, so recovery is Harder.
Will definitely continue to support OBT !

Game Changer for my Fibro knees! 10 stars!

I have fibromyalgia and have constant knee joint pain and issues with walking with a wobbling. I was at risk for spraining my knees. It instantly changed as soon as I put these on. I could walk straight and the braces immediately took the strain off my hip joints, which made my hip pain go away too! The additional compression helps the pain associated with my illness. I'm blown away at how amazing this product is. I'm a firm believer and want one of everything for all my other aches and pains in my joints. Thank you to Brandon for developing this line of products. You're changing lives! I can't wait to get back into my online skates again!

Love these

I've been needing to upgrade my knee braces. The ones I have *work* but they not as comfy as I'd like. I saw these advertised and loved the look of them. I had to exchange them for a different size, I was in the measurements for a medium but it was still too big. The exchange was easy and these are really well made! I've got the right size now and I love how the gel donut keeps my kneecap from moving when I bend my knees. Will be buying more braces from them!

Knee compressors

so rad!!! They help with My motos they
They let me last longer!


Great style and the skulls Rule !!

Great product

I ruptured my quadriceps tendon on June 1st. I had surgery on June 8th. I showed my physical therapist these and he said that I should get them. I put it on underneath my brace and it really helped! I recommend these enough!

Ice Sleeve
Like a Cold Hug!

I love this sleeve - like I wish I had two so I always had one ready to go type of love. It feels so good on and stays cool for quite awhile. I have tried others and they don't come close - they're all knee pads, which don't stay next to your skin - since this is a sleeve, the cooling goes all the way around. I wish I had found this at the time of my initial injury, however, I've been using it anytime I have a flare up and as I've been getting my hyaluronic acid injections in my kneecap. Make sure you measure correctly - you won't go wrong by even going the size up, IMO. I also have curvier calves, so have found the extra helps. In any case, buy two and enjoy them, tell your friends! Heck, use my coupon code - I will when I buy more. 🙂 CRISTIN24145

Knee sleeve W/Hinges

I'm 62 and an avid mountain biker.
My knees are worn out. "5 to 6 years left" per my surgeon.
I wear my knee sleeves whenever I'm sore from over use or if I'm going to be on my feet or doing labor in the yard. They feel great and give a lot of support. They do get hot but the support is worth it.

Assisted living

Digging these knee sleeves. They stay up great. A little hot and sweaty now that it’s summertime - especially under kneepads but us old dudes deserve some support. Any ideas how to make them a little more warm weather friendly? Maybe some vented panels or peek-a-boo holes?

Awesome Product

I suffer from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which has caused me to lose my calf muscles. To aid my mobility, I use Custom AFOs, which allow me to lead a somewhat normal life. However, these AFOs tend to rub against my shins, causing them to develop blisters and bruises. Prior to discovering the Old Bones Shin Protectors, I had to alternate between wearing my AFOs, as the bruises were too painful. I am grateful to have found these Shin Protectors, as they have greatly improved my quality of life.

Boot camp workout

Bought BMX Gloves to use at the gym. They work well with dumbbells, kettlebells and ropes! I would buy again!


I put them on the second they arrived, nice cozy feeling right away! Went with the compression sleeves to wear after work and for mountain biking/pushing around (old man skating).
I grew up skating, have worked as a framer/carpenter for over 25 years. My knees could use a little hug now and then. Highly recommended!