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  • Image of Linda

    I am a senior citizen but I LOVE to cook and bake for friends and family. This back brace is a god send, especially with the holidays fast approaching. I wish I had discovered this years ago! - Linda

  • Image of Tom Miyao

    I did an 86 mile enduro a few weeks ago. As usual my back was locked up after i got off my bike. But this time before I stretched, I used the heat pack and it was like night and day. I use the back brace EVERY time I get on my bike and the gel packs after. Another Note: I throw it in the wash with my gear and hang dry. Hands down the best back brace support ever! - Tom Miyao

  • Image of Cheryl Lee

    I researched lots of different compression wraps. I wanted something easy to put on, that would allow for compression, support, icing and/or heat to the area. This completely filled the bill & met my expectations. I'm glad I didn't settle for a cheaper option. Well worth the price because of its functionality & ease. I highly recommend this product! It's definitely well thought out and engineered for long use. - Cheryl Lee

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