Our Story

When you're 14, there are no obstacles. Your bones are fresh, your soul is young and your spirit is wild. Don't forget you have to be home by six for dinner, because that's what Mom says! Fast forward 30 years... Your bones hold you up (you hope), you're still young (not according to your 14 & 12 year old sons), you're still wild (groaning and in bed at 9), and telling the kids to be home for dinner is your job now. Times change.

This is my story. I am Brandon Fields, 100% Skateboarder, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. Sitting at my desk got to hurting my lower back, though according to some it was the 10,000 falls from 12' onto concrete that may have done it. Either way, my back was hurting.

Ice, they said. Put Ice on it. I did. The ice moved, melted, or otherwise avoided my sore spot. Through a series of errors, I came up with a way to comfortably ice my bones and cook dinner at the same time. Suddenly, I was Ruling at Life again.

Our bones aren't getting younger, but they don't need to stop us either.