Lower Back Pain Relief Secret: Runner’s High!

Lower Back Pain Relief Secret: Runner’s High!

Do you suffer from Lumbar Spine Pain?

Damn, did I turn all medical-pro on you…

Let’s use a simpler term- lower back pain.

Before we talk about an “ignored” yet “effective” lower back pain relief idea,

Lower Back Functions

Your lower back plays a crucial role 

Besides offering structural support and movement, your lower back protects certain body tissues.

When you stand, your lower back supports the weight of your entire upper body.

Likewise, when you bend or rotate the waist, the low back keeps doing its job.

What’s the best cure for lower back pain?

Sadly, no one cure is the “best”.

That is why you should address back pain in different ways.

Medical approaches address the analogical issues in the lower back region.

However, if you want lower back pain relief, a multifaceted approach will certainly demonstrate better results.

We have already covered low back pain causes in another post.

Let’s talk about an important thing that WORKS.

Sadly, we often overlook this.

Don’t make these mistake guys.

And this thing does not require expensive equipment or medications either.

Ready to cure back pain?

Ideas for Lower Back Pain Relief: Endorphins Baby!

Our body produces chemicals (hormones) to fight stress and pain.

These are called endorphins.

And they are pretty similar to a class of drugs called opioids.

The said drugs relieve pain and can also make the patient feel euphoric.

That is why doctors prescribe this medicine for short-term use after surgery.

Research has shown that endorphins act very much like opioids.

Hence, when your body releases endorphins, you will fight anxiety, stress, and depression better.

Alright, so how do you boost endorphins?


Exercise Regularly

Your body produces endorphins when you exercise regularly.

And this can help alleviate anxiety and depression.

There is a reason why endorphins were believed to cause "runner's high.”

In 2008, positron emission tomography (PET) scans of athlete's brains, both before and after exercise, showed an increase in the release of endorphins after exercise.

In fact, some medical professionals prescribe regular exercise to treat mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

You can use exercise along with your medications and treatments.

Include lower back pain exercises in your regimen as well.



The Mind

When you perform yoga or meditation, you automatically feel less stress.

Do you know why?

Because the body produces endorphins during these activities.

And research suggests the same.


Spice It Up

Tired of eating boring, bland foods?

Well, spicy foods can actually help increase endorphins.

Hot peppers, for example, have been proven to do so.


Be Happy

Happiness is contagious.

And healthy for you, too.

A study suggested that laughing with others can boost endorphin levels in the brain.


Back Braces, Gel Packs

Lower back pain relief products such as the Old Bones Therapy back brace and heat/ice packs can help lessen the pain.

Not all products are created equal.

Pay attention to construction and quality.


I hope that these tips will help you with back pain relief.

Have you tried any of these tips?

Life is beautiful.

Enjoy every moment with these low back pain remedies.

And as we say at OldBonesTherapy...


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