Old Bones Therapy Star: Nina Arden!

Old Bones Therapy Star: Nina Arden!


Life is not always easy.

But if you have the desire and determination to succeed, you will.

Nina Arden is a perfect example of this.

Who’s Nina Arden?

Nina is a data scientist.

She helps figure out how government policies affect people.

She is also a sponsored runner.

Nina started running in February 2017.

Since then, she has lost 80 lbs.

Following surgery, she took a year off.

Come April 2019, and she is back on the track.



Nina enjoys running.

I am sure you already know that by now!

She had trouble finding a compression sleeve that would fit.

She felt that “most sleeves are always way too tight in their compression.”

Nina used the Old Bones Therapy Knee Brace and this is what she said:

"I'm genuinely surprised and grateful for this Knee Brace because the flat weave creates a soft, non-graduated compression which makes me feel supported while in recovery from high-impact runs."

She was also looking for a back brace that she could wear while running.

The products she used before wouldn't stay in place while running.

“With Old Bones Therapy Back Brace, I could run 6-7 miles with the brace on.”

Nina says that Old Bones Therapy back brace helps with support and compression while she is on the run.

Another issue for Nina was recovery.

The products for joint pain she used before felt like sitting on ice.

They would leave a mess.

That’s not a worry anymore for Nina.

After a run, she takes a shower, puts on the ice pack and wraps the Old Bones Therapy back belt again.

Nina also uses Old Bones Therapy Pain Cream.

“This cream couldn't have come at a better time! I've accidentally overtrained and increased running mileage too quickly. Delayed onset muscle soreness is a genuine problem, especially in the hamstrings. What I like about this is that the cream is very quickly absorbed, and cooling/relaxing, especially when I combine it with a muscle/foam roller - it creates one hell of a pain relief system.”

Her goal is to run 10k without stopping.

And next year, Nina will be doing a half marathon without stopping.

When we asked her how she would recommend our back brace to her best friend, she said:

“You don't have to sit with the brace against the chair as the Old Bones Therapy back brace sits with you, moves with you. You can cook with it. Move with it. You don't have to change your lifestyle; Old Bones Therapy back brace adapts to your lifestyle.”

And by the way, she is married to her best friend.

Her husband, of course!

Keep ruling?

What does keep ruling mean to Nina Arden?

“If you have a goal, and if you don't progress to your goal, remember, you have all the agencies in the world to keep going.”

We all should take inspiration from Nina.

Life is never going to be all hunky-dory.

When you face challenges and difficulties in life, keep moving.

Never give up.

Keep Ruling!

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