This is Josh and his Ankle Compression Sleeve


This is Josh Krakover. Father, husband and 100% skateboarder. Not only is he a great skateboarder, but he runs his own wood working business, Kra Kreations.

About 10 years ago, Josh broke his ankle skating the bowl at Venice Skate Park and landed himself in the emergency room. After some difficulties and multiple surgeries, doctors ended up putting 9 screws and a metal plate on the outer side of his right ankle. Needless to say, a long road of physical therapy was placed in front of him. Doctors gave him a restrictive and very bulky ankle brace to strap up and wear when doing physical activities. This cumbersome brace made it difficult to ride his skateboard and thus, halted further use of it.

Ever since the injury, skating has been terribly painful. The slightest touch to the injured area would cause an explosive pain followed by a throbbing/numbing sensation. Being that his skateboard is almost always within inches of his ankle, and spinning and flipping under his foot, the collision of board to ankle happens quite often. It’s safe to assume that this constant pain does not make Josh a happy man.

“What changed this for him” you might be asking yourself?

I wear it every time I skate now and after a few minutes, I can barely tell I am wearing it

Josh discovered the Old Bones Therapy Ankle Compression Sleeve and now won’t skate without it.

He informed us that the silicone inserts “protects his ankle from getting bumped” and “helps keeps his muscles and tendons feeling good.” He also added “I wear it every time I skate now and after a few minutes, I can barely tell I am wearing it.”

We are so stoked that Josh found Old Bones Therapy's ankle brace for skateboarding and that it helps him to keep skating. It’s stories like Josh’s that keep the fire lit for us because the more we can help people feeling better, the more we can all KEEP RULING!

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Photo: Matt MoosePhoto: Matt Moose

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