This Is My Story - Adam Wheeldon

This Is My Story - Adam Wheeldon

This Is My Story - Adam Wheeldon
Wearing his heart on his sleeve... or skate shirt.

This Is My Story - Adam Wheeldon

Every once in a while we get an email from someone whose story resonates with us. One email in particular came from 49 year old skateboarder Adam Wheeldon from New Zealand.

This is Adam's story.

I truly believe that age is but a number.

Through decades of skateboarding I’ve noticed recovery time between skate sessions is unfortunately no longer measured in minutes or even hours.

Taking care of my mind and body is paramount to achieving ‘skatelongevity’ and something 30+ years ago I did not even consider.

The Old Bones Therapy compression knee braces are a key component in my ongoing goal of taking care of my body and I won’t skate without them.

I’m Adam Wheeldon, from Christchurch, New Zealand, married with two teenage daughters, a Civil Engineer and a lifelong skateboarder with no intention of stopping.

Keep pushing your limits and enjoy the rewards: #skatelongevity

- Adam Wheeldon

Adam Wheeldon Invert Handplant
Adam Wheeldon Layback Frontside Rock
Red Keep Ruling T-Shirt

Adam Wheeldon Backside Nose Grind

The biggest part of Adam's story is that he is skateboarding less than 6 months after having open heart surgery.

To hear it in Adam's own words really puts things in perspective.

I have a congenital heart condition. Had surgery in 1977 and then again in September 2020 just before my 49th birthday. It was 7.5 hour major open heart surgery performed in Auckland, New Zealand.

I started skating again 67 days post surgery and have been building back to full strength ever since.

So every skate is a good skate.

Let that sink in...

Every skate is a good skate.

Adam put together a video called "Skateboarding, it's in my blood" which documents his 90 day journey from post-op to ripping at his local New Zealand skatepark.

Checkout the video below and make sure to follow Adam on Instagram at @abbramps.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Adam.

Keep ruling!!!

P.S. Make sure to leave us a comment below.

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Just wow. Truly inspirational. I meet Adam earlier this year when I started taking my kids to the skate park. My bruises have been horrendous haha. I saw him ripping up the big bowl and got chatting to him. We keep bumping in to each other at the park but I had no idea what he’s been through till I saw his Instagram post a few days ago. “A year on” Like I said, truly amazing story!! 🤙🏽

Emanuel Nyman

Very inspiring, I like seeing this kinda stuff.
We have to stay moving as we age. Whatever it is, walking, skating, etc, just keep move’n.

Joel Di Mauro

I know Adam, and he is a true inspiration to us all, such positivity and grit. Thanks for sharing Adam’s story.

Jude Irwin


Wentzle Ruml

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