Compression Knee Brace (Both Knees)

$54 $60

Color: Red

Save money on Old Bones Therapy's best selling compression knee sleeves by purchasing a set of two knee braces for pain.

Save 10% by purchasing the KNEE sleeves as a bundle.

KNEE BRACE SUPPORT - Knitted Compression Sleeve for Sports and Joint Pain Relief - Both Sleeves Bundle

INCREASED KNEE STABILITY LESS BULK - Innovative knee brace design includes patella shaped gel pad for maximum joint and kneecap stabilization. All the security and support without the added bulk.

PERFORMANCE BOOSTED KNEE SLEEVE - Medical grade compression increases circulation, muscle endurance and promotes faster recovery times. Having a secure and protected knee leads to increased confidence and better performance.

BREATHABLE KNITTED FABRIC - Made from lightweight, comfortable, non-neoprene, washable fabrics. This highly elastic, ergonomically designed knee support will conform to the shape of your body providing you with maximum support and flexibility.

COMPRESSION BENEFITS - Alleviates the effects of high impact activities such as running, basketball and skateboarding. Proven to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief from minor injuries or post surgery aches and pains. Best of all our knitted compression sleeves STAY UP and WON'T SLIDE DOWN!!!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Here at Old Bones Therapy, we're obsessed with Customer Happiness. If you're not happy with anything, we will make it right.

SIZING GUIDE - Measure 4 inches above kneecap

Y 13" or less
S 13" - 15"
M 15" - 17"
L 17" - 19"
XL 19" - 21"
XXL 21" or more

For a tighter fit, size down.
For a looser fit, size up.

NOTE: If you fall between sizes, size down (i.e. 19" would be a size L).

Customer Reviews

Based on 395 reviews
Blake G

I was pretty stoked before. After I got my old bones 🦴 compression knee and ankle gear. I’m super duper stoked.

John Lehoux

I’m a lifter who started having knee pain and swelling! Started using these and I’m so happy with the fit the feel and overall they are helping me lift again!!!

The knee sleeves are great for grapplers with sensitive knees!

I suffer from Osgood Schllaters in both knees, it hasn’t been an issue much as as my late 30’s and now 41. I’m a BJJ black belt, and I can’t tell you how much these things have given me a large part of my grappling game back. Injuries and issues like knee pain can be devastating mentally and hinder your performance on the mat. I’ve used regular compression sleeves and knee braces, and they help to an extent, but these things take it to another level, and have given me a lot of my grappling game back since I’ve began to use them. I can utilize my knees for top pressure and angle so much more easily now, and I couldn’t be more happy. I highly recommend these for anyone that could use a knee sleeve that works well and provides a next level of cushioning without being super invasive.

Justin Marquis
Great Knee Sleeves

I bought these for skating and ended up using them during my work days on construction sites too…..

Lynda Clark

Compression Knee Brace (Both Knees)

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