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Old Bones Therapy

Compression Knee Brace with Springs (Both Knees)

Compression Knee Brace with Springs (Both Knees)

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Measure 4 inches above kneecap

Y 13" or less
S 13" - 15"
M 15" - 17"
L 17" - 19"
XL 19" - 21"
XXL 21" or more

For a tighter fit, size down.
For a looser fit, size up.

NOTE: If you fall between sizes, size down (i.e. 19" would be a size L).


* Nylon + Spandex Blend
* Silicone Gel Padding
* 100% Latex Free

Care Instructions

Knitted Compression Sleeves:
* Hand or Machine Wash
* Hang Dry

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Save money by purchasing a set of two.

Old Bones Therapy "Sprung" Compression Knee Braces with Spring Supports.

These are our original “OG” lightweight compression spring knee braces with flexible side stabilizers. 100% designed and tested by skateboarders. Perfect for Skateboarding, BMX, MTB, MOTO, Snowboarding, Running, Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit and just about every other sport.

Designed for maximum support and knee stabilization. Made of a highly elastic knitted material, these knee sleeves were ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of your knee. A shock absorbing gel pad wraps around your patella keeping your kneecap aligned and providing extra protection for those hard falls.

These compression sleeves are lightweight, super comfortable and made from non-neoprene, washable fabrics. Combined with a non-slip silicone lining means these knee braces will stay up and won’t slide down!

Our compression knee braces for support are medical grade and FDA certified. Proven to increase circulation and muscle endurance, in addition to alleviating knee pain and promoting faster recovery times.

Recommended for: Pain relief from minor knee injuries or post surgery aches and pains, ACL/MCL/LCL injuries, meniscus tears, everyday injury prevention and rehabilitation for acute knee injuries.

Old Bones Therapy helps with the aches and pains, so you can get back to ruling at life. Shop online now and choose from a wide selection of compression knee supports.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Darren Baker

I should’ve bought two…Wearing my knee sleeve with springs while snowboarding kept my knee compressed and feeling great all day! Kept my old ACL injury feeling stable! No kneed (need) for massive amounts of ibuprofen after a day ripping with my 12 year old son!! Thanks again!! #Kneesleeveme

Andrew Hauris
Helps stabilize

Used the brace on my injured knee to ween myself off the hinge brace once crutches were no longer needed.

Jiu jitsu knee sleeves

I measured 20" circumference starting 4" above the very top of my knee and got the XL . Sizing fits perfect. I tried a different brand with straps and they were too constricting . The springs help stabilize my knee and keep the brace from bunching up. Full mobility is maintained even when my heel is touching my butt there is no discomfort on the back of my knee unlike other styles of compression sleeves. The knee cushion is great to have as well and helps keep the knee brace where it's supposed to be. I will definitely be getting another set once these become worn. Pair the sleeves with the pain cream and you are golden, leg locks for days ! Perfect for no gi! Make sure you have enough space in your gi pants otherwise they will choke your knees !

Chris Perkins
These are major

I like the knee and shin compression combo. I wish it was all one piece! Makes my legs feel good during sessions.

Good Product

Had a serious knee injury literally hours before I received these in the mail. They ended up being great for providing stabilization and compression as my knee healed. Haven't had a chance to test them on the mats yet, but I'm certain they'll be stellar for giving me the support my aging knees need.