Back Brace : Compression + Support




The human body is complex.
A bunch of factors can, therefore, cause aches and pain.
These include sprains, medical conditions (herniated disc, osteoarthritis/arthritis, scoliosis, and spondylolisthesis), stress, and others.

Old Bones Therapy compression back braces and supports offer multiple benefits:

✅ Relief from Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, and Scoliosis.
✅ Posture Correction
✅ Lower Back support during heavy lifting
✅ Better core stability
✅ Reduces swelling
✅ Helps prevent further injury


☆Compression Back Brace with internal pocket to hold hot cold gel pack
☆Hands-free: Strap it and forget it
☆Back Brace made with 3mm perforated neoprene for comfort, insulation, and breathability
☆Highly Adjustable: Stretchable neoprene and dual elastic bands.
☆Extra Stability: Built-in vertical support stays
☆No Slipping: Innovative silicone lining
☆Free Shipping & 100% money-back guarantee

WHEN TO WEAR (HINT: Anytime!!!)

☆During a workout (compression)
☆Immediately after a workout
☆First thing in the morning when you're stiff and sore
☆On the couch, gardening, making breakfast, standing/sitting at your desk
☆Under or over your clothing, in a box, with a fox... you get the point


☆We believe you will love our Back Brace for Posture and Pain Relief.
If for any reason you are unhappy, simply return for a no-questions-asked, full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Michael R.
Save the Back

Good fit.

Greg G.
So good

The quality of this product is out standing! I’ve used back braces in the past for other injuries. What sets this one apart is the extra adjustment you can make with the side strechies and the pocket for heating or cooling pads.

Stephanie B.
Lumbar back brace

The brace is WONDERFUL!!!! I absolutely love it and it sure makes a difference in my day to day life!!!!!

Robert F.
Love it

Back brace is perfect for me, also looks kinda stylish.

Christopher L.
at 50 years old and

at 50 years old and broke my back 6 years ago been having alot of back pain this old bones therapy back belt has done wonders as well asbthe compression sox its a definate a must when you have as much pain as i have been in since using i havevbeenbablebto skateboard agin

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