Back Brace : Compression + Support




The human body is complex.
A bunch of factors can, therefore, cause aches and pain.
These include sprains, medical conditions (herniated disc, osteoarthritis/arthritis, scoliosis, and spondylolisthesis), stress, and others.

Old Bones Therapy compression back braces and supports offer multiple benefits:

✅ Relief from Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, and Scoliosis.
✅ Posture Correction
✅ Lower Back support during heavy lifting
✅ Better core stability
✅ Reduces swelling
✅ Helps prevent further injury


☆Compression Back Brace with internal pocket to hold hot cold gel pack
☆Hands-free: Strap it and forget it
☆Back Brace made with 3mm perforated neoprene for comfort, insulation, and breathability
☆Highly Adjustable: Stretchable neoprene and dual elastic bands.
☆Extra Stability: Built-in vertical support stays
☆No Slipping: Innovative silicone lining
☆Free Shipping & 100% money-back guarantee

WHEN TO WEAR (HINT: Anytime!!!)

☆During a workout (compression)
☆Immediately after a workout
☆First thing in the morning when you're stiff and sore
☆On the couch, gardening, making breakfast, standing/sitting at your desk
☆Under or over your clothing, in a box, with a fox... you get the point


☆We believe you will love our Back Brace for Posture and Pain Relief.
If for any reason you are unhappy, simply return for a no-questions-asked, full refund.


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