Knee Ice Wrap + Gel Packs



KNEE ICE WRAP + 2 GEL PACKS : Ice or Heat Therapy

Best Hot/Cold Knee Therapy for Pain Relief and Joint Stiffness

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE - Recommended and tested by Physical Therapists to help reduce swelling, pain and arthritis. Perfect for after sports icing, tendonitis, ACL injuries and post orthopedic surgery.

DESIGNED FOR KNEES - Our innovative knee brace with gel pack is made with carefully selected, high quality neoprene, allowing for maximum comfort while conforming to the shape of your knee. Featuring an internal pocket designed to hold our custom gel pack in place and keep that ice colder for longer.

FLEXIBLE GEL PACK - Our Non-toxic knee brace ice pack was specifically designed to conform to the shape of your knee and will remain flexible when frozen.

STAY ACTIVE WHILE ICING - Our fully adjustable 3 strap design allows for maximum compression and mobility, allowing you to be completely hands free and on the move. This is the ultimate ice therapy system for your knees that stays put and will not slip!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our customers tell us this is the best knee cold therapy system out there, period. Here at Old Bones Therapy, we're obsessed with Customer Happiness. If you're not happy with anything, we will make it right.

SIZING GUIDE - S/M less than 16", L/XL greater than 16"

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Erica W.
Slept in it!

I slept with the cold pack on my knee the first night I received it. The brace keeps the cold pack right where you want it. The brace itself does not provide much support, so you'll want some regular compression sleeves too. But I can see myself getting a second one of these so I can treat both knees at the same time!

Herman S.
A cure for a moody teen with growing pains

My niece has knees that grow faster than the tendons around it. They have tried several sports braces with no real win. I purchased the spring brace and compression brace to help with that. At the same time I purchased this little jewel. She loves it before , during, after the game ( softball) . Walks around in the dugout never slips down. Her team loves having it in the dugout , especially with the extra ice/ heat packs. Just a great well designed product.

Jordan N.

iv'e needed this forever! I makes icing your knee so easy and its comfortable.

Clint C.
Honestly the best compression braces

Honestly the best compression braces I have found so far

Curtis E.
Love this knee brace.

What a great product, this is so much better than ice in a zip lock bag with an ace bandage, doesn’t leak and has compression if you want it. Thanks.!

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